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Our current web site looks nice and that is about all it is. I am looking to have it rebuilt to be more attractive, to be a better landing page and to better capture leads. I want it to earn its living I see it will require a lot of consultation between the builder and me. I am not fully aware of what a web site can do nor how to do it. I want lots of hooks to get enquiry I want a counter for visits I would like to incorporate a blog and seek paid subscriptions. I have a 4300 person mailing list who currently get monthly newsletters free from me. I am a one man business and I do not expect to have a huge budget for this. However I will pay for the right result. The exisitng site was built in Sri Lanka

I am expecting consultation before and after the task is finished and I expect once the task starts there maybe price changes. I also expect competance and honesty

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Jeffrey W.
Joined Jan 2020
Submitted 15 Jan 2020 at 05:09
Expired 4 years ago
Bidding guide $750 - $1500
Average bid $1,318.00

Sevaer Digital

Hi Jeffery, After having a look at your website, my assumption is it may not need a rebuild but instead tweaking. Again, that is my assumption because I have no data to prove that but there may be a few quick wins you can incorporate to help with your conversions. When I refer to 'quick wins' I mean changes you can make without hiring me or anyone else.

I would like to discuss a few details with you to better understand the details/goals where you want your website to be to see if I am the one who can assist.

Please let me know if you're keen to discuss.

Cheers, Brian

PS: The estimate is only to allow me to submit this message. We can workout the details after discussing.

Estimated 1 hour
Abhishek Sehgal

I am thinking if you already have a mailing list, to create a funnel of sorts where you can add a package to subscribe to your content, your website will need to be restructured for that, and redone from the start as right now it is quite basic. I can use a HubSpot integration to create a CRM system along with plug a funnel in, with easier to understand and to the point web format. The design process will need to be drawn out, so we can discuss this more if you are interested. If you want to leverage current sales, we can create linked advertisements and such for the blogs, where you can get ad revenue. I do not expect to be paid at the fixed-rate, but a partnership, I will design this for you, get an SEO done and optimize your pipelines. Even run advertising campaigns if necessary in return I want partnership and I can work on driving traffic and creating profit, while you do the content. This will be a long ongoing process. We will work on one functionality at a time.

Deliver in 60 days

Revamp complete website respinsive Online chat system to attract more visitors Lead generation and integration Blog Paid membership integration Statistics website Basic seo

Deliver in 10 days

Hi Jeffrey, I'm Don from Webyourcraft. I looked at your existing website to get an idea about your domain. Certainly we can help. The bid states the hourly rate as it is too early to give you a final price. It would be good to have a little chat first to know what your expectations are and then go from there. I'm based in Sydney.

Estimated 10 hours

Hi Jeffrey, here is why you should choose me:

In the modern web, many sites are developed using stock templates for CMS software such as Wix, WordPress, and SquareSpace (Your existing website appears to be developed in WordPress). These tools are great for people who want to create a website themselves easily but the end result is usually a slow, bland, and unoriginal website. Sadly, these tools are increasingly being used by professional web designers and developers.

Bulky CMS software like WordPress is why so many sites on the web today are slow to load. Did you know that 53% of mobile users will click off a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Source: Without a fast and efficient website, you will be losing a large margin of potential customers.

I design and develop the complete website in-house from scratch. This provides a uniquely designed website tailored to your specifications that provides a fast and responsive experience for your customers.

You can learn more at

Let me know what you think!

Deliver in 14 days
Web Doodle

Hey Jeffrey, Web Doodle is a Sydney based software and design studio.

Our developer skills cover full-stack development.

See examples of our past work:

Based on your brief, we definitely can turn your existing website into an engaging click funnel landing page with additional features such as eCommerce and blog integrations.

Feel free to email us at to discuss further.

Estimated 20 hours
Wings Tech Solutions - Geelong Geelong VIC

Deliver in 10 days
Codigo Creative Services

Hey Jeffrey,

I would be happy to work with you on a great looking website. I see it needs to communicate a bit more of the expertise you are offering. My offer includes a screen share meeting that will help you to use your website as a growth asset, based on an action plan that has both content and ranking strategies.

All my web design work is unique and highly customised to meet the requirements of your audience and industry. (No templates)

Please let me know what questions you have, and hopefully, we can discuss your project in more detail.

Kind Regards, Andres

Deliver in 14 days
Signature Studio

Hi Jeffrey, I've worked with a wide range of clients, building sites and landing pages to establish personal brand and business presence, while funnelling enquiries as you require. There are certainly a few tricks to help your site convert, it seems as you've done some research into ways to convert browsers to buyers. I'd be happy to discuss your requirements further, and more importantly, yes, I can work within your budget to achieve a highly competitive site that converts. Happy to provide customer and portfolio references that mirror your needs. With over 20 years online experience, I'm confident we can work together to achieve your goals.

Regards, Ryan

Deliver in 14 days
Cherise Joelle Pty Ltd

Hi Jefferey, I'd love to help.

I am a Squarespace web designer with a strong focus on building a website that is aesthetically interesting and converts. All of my sites are customised to my clients with the aid of CSS and HTML code. No templates are used. Please take a look at my client work here:

When I perused your website, I struggled to understand exactly what the services you are offering were. My first suggestion would be communicating through visual designs and clear copy how you can provide the web visitor with value. Next, I would suggest providing a free download or offer as a hook to continue growing your email database. When you say "paid subscription" would this be to free downloads or a specific area on your website?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Deliver in 20 days
Samir Karki

Hi Jeffrey, Hope you are well. During my 5 years of experience as a Full Stack Web Developer, I have developed both the functional and aesthetic components of client websites. I believe I can make an immediate impact on your organisation with my unique blend of skills and passion.

Deliver in 10 days
Yus Bhu

Hello Jeffrey,

I have gone through your site and I am interested in bidding for this project. Your idea behind having the site rebuilt is the need of the day. I do have few questions such as, but not limited to, type of subscription plans and also if you want the newsletter management through the third party integrations. Going by the current understanding, I am placing a bid and not including the cost of any third party plugins in this bid as the bid amount and the duration can change once the details are finalized.

As a part of services, below are the details that you would get from my end 1) A detailed plan containing the intricacies of the project 2) Detailed report depicting the progress of the project 3) Weekly screen share sessions for a live demo of the achieved milestones 4) Thorough testing of the project before making live

From the developer's perspective I would require the following from your end 1) Site content 2) Images and/or videos 3) Any documentation that you may have prepared keeping in mind the changes.

This project would be a great opportunity for me.

Regards, Yus

Deliver in 25 days
Forum Web + Media

Hi I build a range of platforms and also build interactive content to give your site the edge when promoting the brand. I'm based in Sydney and my personal CV

Deliver in 30 days
Bode Contagion

Hi Jeffrey,

I had a browse of your website this morning at The things that strike me straight away that we will need to work on are:

  1. Your messaging and how it is delivered, particularly within the first 10 seconds of having the user's attention

  2. Your overall user experience of the website, particularly with legibility of certain text and load speeds

  3. Your mobile website experience (this may or may not be important for your target audience, but is very important for SEO)

Assuming that your goal is to increase your rate of enquiries, the things listed above are very good starting points.

We will also do a design review, starting by us getting to know your brand, to ensure a design that properly incorporates your brand and focuses on a smooth user experience.

Finally, we will get your website online that delivers on the above points, with functional requirements added to the site (sub pages, blog, enquiry forms to capture leads, subscribe forms), is SEO ready and is easy to maintain for you as a site owner.

The best way to get started is for us to schedule a brief strategy call with myself personally. Please let me know when you're free for the call - where we can learn about your business, your current needs and how we can commence the work and an ongoing relationship.

Thanks very much and I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Satoshi Payne Founder & Director @ Bode Contagion Melbourne, Australia

Deliver in 22 days
Kane Sherwell

Hi Jeffrey , seen your site. You have 2 options

  1. use a paid theme, I can send you examples - takes 1 week
  2. custom design from scratch - Takes around 4 weeks, like sites below, more $$$

I can guide on the best approach and a site which converts. Being you want paid subscriptions, means you want a members area, for members to access info. Just this alone will double your budget.

If happy with my work, let me know a good time to call.

I have built almost 400 websites (most custom designed from scratch), some small others HUGE. 80% are Wordpress, others magneto, Drupal, Ruby, Custom PHP, Python See my folio here: All sites mobile responsive for all latest browsers and mobile devices I use TeamWork for project management - You can see website progress 24/7 InvisionApp for design comments Track Duck for testing comments when website is complete

Here are a few sites I designed and coded:

Deliver in 7 days

I'd love to help out. I am an experienced web designer/developer and online marketer.

My offer is to look at your current website, look at your analytics to see how people are finding you and working out how we can improve the conversion rates to your website.

It isn't only just about the website - but more so how to get more people to find your website.

My offer includes:

  • Web Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • SEO Setup
Deliver in 30 days
Brett Marks

Hi Jeffrey,

It is correct you may not even need a new website built, improving your current one might be an option as well.

I'll be honest here in that for your budget you would be better off just improving your current website - unfortunately for a max of $1500 you may just end up with the same thing - something that "looks nice" but isn't effective.

As you have come to understand, there is a LOT more that goes into a website than just "making it look nice" - one of the primary focuses should be a detailed briefing with yourself on what your goals are with the website, what your "pain points" are and then we organise a plan to build the website around all of this - but for a fully custom designed and coded website they usually start around $3500 and go upwards - there are ways to help reduce the cost and these are always an option for my clients.

Looking over your requirements however it seems you have a few extra things that would add additional cost such as you mention you want to have paid subscriptions; this type of thing can always be added at the start, but it can also be something you add at a later date to reduce your upfront costs.

Lastly, I won't say building a brand new website is going to instantly make your site successful, it takes a lot more than that - a good marketing plan is one of these and copywriting is another potential consideration; but with that said, I wouldn't spend lots of $$$ on marketing without having a great website first, otherwise you'll likely just be throwing money away as the website may not be able to convert anyone.

Bottom line is I'd either stick to improving your current website with your $1500 budget, or see if you can put together a bit more and plan out a full strategy for a new one and other associated costs.

My rate I have listed is my hourly rate and the estimate hours is just something I put so I could put a bid in, but I generally do fixed fees when doing full website builds. :)

Good Luck!

Estimated 50 hours