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The Reiki Association (WA) Inc, a not for profit group, needs a program to collect the information from membership application forms, create and send certificates and to record the data (excel?)

We are currently revising our application forms and may need assistance to prepare them for some suitable software program

Our existing website : may also need to be re-worked.


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roger w.
Joined Feb 2018
Submitted 28 Feb 2018 at 03:34
Expired 1 year ago
Bidding guide $1500 - $3000
Average bid $1,550.50

Jalpa Trivedi

Hello Roger,

This is Jalpa. I have good experience in Software Industry. However, I have already a tool available similar like your requirement, just need change a bit. If you have time someday, I can show you a demo and can discuss on further work or modification.

Thank you, Jalpa

Deliver in 0 days
Depowersoft Pty Ltd.

If you are non-profit company or charity, I can probably help you with no charge, I will use c# and to finish the task. but I can only do it on week end or after office hours since I am contractor for other company, if it is ok, we can chat about it.

Estimated 10 hours
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Roger,

My name's Jay and I am an 9+ years experienced software developer. I would like to discuss further about your project so that I can submit you a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call . It would be great if you could text me your email address so I can send my work samples for your review .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

Estimated 0 hours

Hi, I am an PHP applications developer and I work on Laravel and Wordpress . Since you are not for profit I can get your website improvement and the project done for whatever you are comfortable with, even none is fine. We can discuss on deadline when the project requirements clear.

Deliver in 20 days
Voxtel Web

Hi Roger I am living and working in Sydney as a Web developer and have more than 12 years of experience . So far I understand your requirement

  1. Redesign the membership application form
    2.Membership application data need to be saved (Probably it is already saved in your web database)
  2. Create and send Certificate to members . Do you have certificate template ? Is it a fixed template? or different type templates?
  3. Create report in CSV/EXCEL based on members data

Your site is quite slow for loading . It could be due to template you are using or may be due to web host provider . Some external link loading is also slow

The quote includes all these . Moreover if you like to modify in text and design for few pages also included in the quote . We can talk , chat , video chat to finalise the requirements Thanks Rownak

Deliver in 15 days

I am an experienced professional software developer. Your requirements are a little vague but the tool to extract, send certificates, and export to Excel sounds quite straight forward to implement. Would need to discuss the job further before agreeing on a final quote.

Deliver in 7 days
Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

G'day Roger I am a software developer with 30+ years of experience.

I suggest that a Filemaker Database / Application would be the way to go. That would allow connection both locally in the office and remotely via iPad, iPhone and Web on Linux, Windows and macOS. The membership application forms on the web could be connected directly as Filemaker Server publishes directly or through a different web system ( WordPress, etc ) with RESTful API connections directly into the Filemaker database.

The system I would supply would be a single user with the minimal requirements of Membership ( with all details ), search, create and store certificates with a link to the web based membership form using API call;

Filemaker Licensing would be required - this is extra -but worth it.

Deliver in 10 days
Lana Neads

Hi there,

We are a team of 3 and have extensive experience in software programming, particularly in rebuilding existing websites.

We would be happy to help you and complete the project within 10 days

Deliver in 10 days
AB Software

Hi, Roger

I am Juan

I am a Software Engineer living in Perth as part of an English course and since it is almost completed, I will be able to have full availability to develop an app like this, starting next week. If it is necessary to fulfill the requirements very soon I can also get involved a couple of colleagues and the product would be finished even sooner.

I have experience developing web applications and also mobile and doing fast developments as the customer asks for it.

If you would like to have a chat, my contact details are: Juan 04523575

Deliver in 20 days
Calcul8ors Pty Ltd

Hi Roger,

I am a commercially qualified and experienced Melbourne-based programmer, and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this project with you in more detail.

From the information you've provided, I am very confident of being able to meet your budget requirements, whether you're seeking an Excel/VBA-based solution, or an online solution, or a combination of both.

It's not possible to work out a detailed and final quote until we scope the entire project out together, so that we are both crystal clear on your exact requirements. I'm therefore bidding at the lower end of your budget, without a full understanding of functionality, aesthetics and features of the end product, and this may change depending on the details of the project.

My website is, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Deliver in 30 days

Experienced Software Engineer

Deliver in 10 days
Webwidget Pty Ltd

Hi Roger

I have read through your request and believe we can come up with a very viable solution. I’d recommend you could create this site using PHP to exploit your sites potential along with the speed of the development life cycle. We can build you a custom website from the ground up as we have done with many other clients along with custom modules for your application form creation. We have most of the code you require (ie user signup/login pages) and build a functional back end for you to manage the site. It may also be of interest to choose a web template which can be customised for your needs. The advantage of this is you can save on development costs and time. My quote includes fixing your existing site long with creation of the forms.

We have a solid 10 years experience in building generic websites along with specific "app" style web applications for many businesses. Please feel free to email or message me with more details.

Deliver in 40 days
Intuition SofTech Australia

Hi We have developed similar application form and certificate generation projects earlier for BAYER Pharmaceutical. We can create intuitive yet easy to use membership form, collect all data and record in DB, Generate certificate depending on requirement etc. We can start ASAP. We will use open source technology and framework for better scalability and non licensing issue. We provide 4 weeks FREE support to fix any issue or tailor any bugs if arise.

Regards: Steve

Deliver in 16 days
Peter Lyons

Your project has much in common with projects I have implemented before. I have had much experience in working with people to define and refine their requirements into full applications. And producing PHP code that works with MySQL databases and input forms have played a large part in these endeavours. Output of certificates and excel spreadsheets should be easy through the utilization of standard libraries.

I have had many years of experience in software development and am proficient in PHP and MySQL as well as the architecting of software. In particular, I can work with you in any necessary redevelopment of your forms and website.

Deliver in 20 days
Warpspace IT

Hi, Roger. I notice that you tagged the project as PHP, which is one of my specialities. I have a lot of experience with developing solutions from scratch in this language, fixing complex systems built with various PHP frameworks, and writing extensions (like a WordPress form) to integrate with existing code. I look forward to hearing what changes you'd like to make to your website.

I can help you sort out the requirements for your new membership form arrangements, and provide a software solution that lets you do whatever you need to with the data. (Including e-mail the member back so they have a record of their membership application.)

I can also help you sort out your hosting issues, given that I am an experienced system administrator. If necessary, I can assist you with picking a new hosting provider so that you can make a good price/performance trade-off.

In all of these cases, I'm happy to work closely with you and your users to ensure that the work I do meets your needs.

I'm based in Perth and have been running my business for over 12 years. Please give me a call, or let me know if you'd like me to send you some case studies?

Deliver in 21 days
Edric Hoang

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an Enthusiastic Web Developer, I offer a proven ability to provide high quality web programming service. I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your company based on the requirements on the PHP developer role you are currently offering. This is why I apply and have included a link to my resume at ( for your consideration today and I am available for immediate start as well.

For you consideration, I had worked on few similar projects to this for other NGO so I fully understand the needs and importance of the site. I should have few recommendations for the sites based on my previous experiences. Also, my past work routes allowed me to work on multiple high profile projects such as QualityTrade, Macquarie Telecom involved from full stack development to extending features on already existing systems.

I take my pride in excelling at work efficiency, problem solving skills, consulting and ability to meet the projects deadline without degrading the time management. I am proficiency in PHP5, CSS3, HTML5, jquery, angularjs, laravel and codeigniter.

Thank you for your consideration and hope that I can work with you on this exciting project.

Deliver in 30 days
Peter - Software Developer & Consultant

Hi Roger!

Happy to have your attention, if only for a brief minute!

Expert developer and consultant from Melbourne, Victoria here.

I've had a look at your website. A couple of quick suggestions I would like to make:

  • I would implement more aesthetic looking navigation
  • add slider images for each slider item on the home page
  • add more information on the homepage, it looks a little blank (perhaps events?)
  • lots more, feel free to ask

I've created custom software for a variety of needs and uses previously and I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements a bit further.

I produce modern and easy to use software and websites - feel free to take a look at my portfolio.

I'm a responsive communicator. Feel free to add me on skype. My username is fasn8_u

My quote here is just a placeholder.

Peter (Senior developer & consultant)

Deliver in 30 days
Shpenza Technology

I am a freelancer, based out of Melbourne, a Solution Architect cum Developer, and indeed, all you need to do is explain me your idea/concept, and rest all (front-end, back-end, database, cloud, servers & infrastructure) will be developed by myself.

I will build web/mobile applications using following technologies:-

  • Front-end programming with AngularJS/ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX
  • Backend programming with NodeJS, PHP, Restful APIs, BlockChain
  • Mobile Programming – iOS, Android, Hybrid (PhoneGap, Ionic, Cordova)
  • Databases with Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, database modeling, designing and SQL queries
  • Linux Servers - building and managing servers in Amazon AWS cloud (EC2, S3, Lambda, ELBs etc)
  • Bigdata - Hadoop, HIVE, HBase, MongoDB, RethinkDB
  • Additional Tools - Github, JIRA, OpsGenie, UI/UX designs and frameworks etc.

Few projects completed/on-going -

  1. Location based app, making use of Google Maps – built using Ionic, Cordova, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS,, MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon AWS
  2. Australian Livestock and Farming mobile app and responsive admin interface, making use of Google Maps, RFID and NFC readers both for Android and iOS – built using Ionic, Cordova, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon AWS.
  3. Financial Application – Built multiple Restful APIs using NodeJS, ExpressJS and data modeling in MySQL, MongoDB for complex financial business requirements at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Sumit M. 0405 155 584 (9am - 6pm) Melbourne Skype - chadhasumit13

Deliver in 90 days
Daniel Alexander Lowes

Hi, I can help convert a complex laravel app to wordpress....

Deliver in 90 days
SenseICT Pty Ltd

Hi Roger,

I've had a quick look over your website and can see some improvements that need to be made.

I'll work with you to improve your site and your processes for accepting and processing application forms, certificates, and dealing with private information.

Please note that your current website is not secure, you will be penalised by web browsers within the coming months due to this.

I'm based in WA, so can meet in person if required.



Deliver in 0 days

Hi Roger .

Viki here

I would be glad to help you. I can work on this very quickly for you - this coming Monday or before if need be.

I am part of a team of experienced software (WEB) developers in Melbourne. I have over 12 years’ of experience in IT/Software industry.

Based on your description above, I suspect this may take few weeks to resolve. However I would like to discuss further to ensure my understanding is correct.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call. Or email me at or

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, Viki

AB Software

Hi Roger, I understand collecting and storing information regarding all the forms that can be sent from the web site is what you are asking for.

Me and a couple of Software engineers are available to do this software development as soon as needed. I am living in Perth so we could have a chat to understand better your requirements. You could email me at

Hope to hear from you soon

Last updated 1 year ago
WeiTech Development

Hi Roger,

I am based in Perth Western Australia. I specialise in providing software solutions to client. I am a registered Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. I don't just work with Microsoft technologies, but also with other technologies. I am very keen to help you with your requirement, if you don't mind I would like to meet up with you or have a short chat over the phone in details about your requirements. This is will assist me with providing a proper estimate. I am available to meet you this Friday or give me call or email.

King regards, David.

Vnnovate Solutions Australia

Hi Roger,

Thanks for sharing your requirements via Ozlance.

Prior to sending through any estimations for time and cost, it would really make sense to identify the level of details/information that needs to be extracted out of the application form. Additionally, we'd also like to understand if there exists an application that currently records membership application details, etc.

Besides, the level of re-work that is required on the website is also what we'd like to understand before giving you a commitment in terms of time/cost.

Is it possible to arrange for a walk-through session with my team and/or some documentation that my team can review so as to come up with estimates?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards, Andy Vnnovate Solutions Australia

Clavax Technologies

Hey Roger,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/Email address please ?

Cheers! Rohit

+61 2 83187634