Freelance / Casual jobs

29 Jun 2020 at 05:13
A Macquarie University research team is producing a documentary on the global impact of child maltreatment (and best practice prevention initiatives), and is seeking individuals to join their Financing, Distribution and Marketing (FDM) Team We have al See more
25 Jun 2020 at 22:25
Hi, I have created fitness manuals and would like them proofread to fix any Spelling and frantically errors. But also look at the content and reword if needed as I’m not a great writer.
22 Jun 2020 at 06:05
It is a mobile app for Android and IOS.
17 Jun 2020 at 04:18
Data migrated from old to new computer & catalogues mixed up. Need to reconfigure to former system. About 20 catalogues & 10K+ images.
17 Jun 2020 at 01:05
We are a distributor of premium lifestyle gear in consumer electronics and homeware. We are looking for someone to work with our team on an on-going basis, to perform competitive analysis, update data and support with various administration activities. See more
16 Jun 2020 at 02:27
Hello lovely people, I'm working on a project I need a website linked to a database that will collect information. It needs to have SMS security and encryption that only I can see the file. I have a few more things like a directory platform and a CRM s See more
10 Jun 2020 at 03:01
I would like an app that I can track vehicle inspections within my company it needs inspection date, inspectors number, vehicle fleet number, odometer reading, pass/ fail, certificate number it will need to have a clearance certificate number if the veh See more
10 Jun 2020 at 02:50
I have a very small bus company and I am trying to eliminate double handling of paperwork I use an app called teamup, and would like to duplicate this to work better for me. Areas I am looking at are fuel logging, rostering both people and vehicles, mai See more
3 Jun 2020 at 10:37
This is original I know but I am after assistance developing what I think would be a simple app. It would require a search function and a separate drop down search function (for internal info) and a few areas for web links. See attachment for sket See more
2 Jun 2020 at 11:59
I need an app for a community organisation which can connect people together. There will be list of restaurants , mosques & other places for people to search.
5 May 2020 at 02:51
PhD research team in Sydney, producing a documentary on the global impact of child maltreatment (and best practice prevention initiatives), seeking Casting & Recruitment Manager. We have already assembled a team of experienced professionals to bring th See more
11 Apr 2020 at 03:18
A Macquarie University research team is producing a documentary on the global impact of child maltreatment (and best practice prevention initiatives), and is seeking 2D animators. We have already assembled a team of experienced professionals to bring See more
23 Jan 2020 at 03:41
We need a potentially large quantity of scanned books proof-read and accurately formatted. Documents have been processed with Optical Character Recognition and exported as Word files, but will need to be checked against original scans for typographica See more
Learning space for a school Furniture Modern Rendered version 3D model
We are seeking a marketing professional who is experienced with influencer marketing campaigns. As we are Melbourne based, our expectation is to connect with influencers/bloggers who have large followings within our niche market. That is, the type of infl See more
I am looking for a DOP / camera operator to film content for a television series on skiing. The hired candidate will have a passion for skiing and will film for four days in Mt. Hotham and Falls Creek in July.
Install wp-eMember plugin for a wordpress site for 7 membership plans linking paypal button to protected contents with each plan. The site is installed with Elementor WP Themes,need to config to edit each webpage. Please check video tutorials of the p See more
Hello, We already have an android app that receives alarms but we need it to be ready for market as well as help with installations and maintenance.
I'm looking for someone to design an website for my construction business and help me with marketing / lead generation
Great news for all sales professionals! We're hiring Telesales People as our Local Partners! Call anytime and anywhere you want! What we’re looking for: • Based in Australia • Experienced telesales/telemarketer • Earn more than ever before, unlimi See more
We have developed a PC based application for Chinese speakers to improve English language skills in standard and non-standard Air Traffic Control phraseology . The current situation has made the evaluation process for the app difficult and we are looking See more
I am setting up a Wordpress website to offer discount vouchers to Australians using the following Wordpress theme: I need a custom Wordpress plugin developed that does a similar job to the one belo See more
Outlook: automatically save attachments of emails (from specific contacts) into folders as they arrive.
We are an Australian Digital Marketing company looking for a web developer to help with based website tasks. We have an initial job to redevelop a Wordpress website with a more professional look and feel. It is just a basic website for a house cleaner See more
Hi Team, Can you please provide a fee proposal to get a business of the ground. I have a product which I have not seen here in Australia, but it is sold in US market successfully. This product can be marketed to different sectors and in the future c See more
Hi I am looking for someone to draw up a new plan for my house as I would like to renovate.
Wish seller to establish a Google ads campaign targeted for a specific location for a specific service business, mainly to have calls generated to a mobile phone number. I've done some work on keywords and locations to exclude. Would also like a single pa See more
Hello, Our business is called Fintech Force. We are a sales channel business that sells utilities to the mass market (In particular we sell Energy Products - Electricity & Gas). Our current contract is with a locally born and bred Energy Company - 1st En See more
Looking for assistance to build an app that will form the main part of a small business. Currently in the process of trademarking and looking at some development options.
Hello, I am working on a very new start up business. I would like to develop a mobile app that will be primarily a journal tool - i.e. the user can upload photos and add notes with automated or manual date entries logged on the app. I'd like there to b See more