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I have a parenting/family book that i have nutted out the content for... Basically a slap stick kick in the face for modern day parenting and the doomed future of the future of our values.. Must be humorous. It's a light -hearted approach to a very serious issue..If you're a parent who thinks every child should be a winner? This is not the job for you....

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Kate J.
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Josephine Thompson

Not a mum but a child of 6 who has a ‘very special’ niece and nephew (they, as infants, know sign language you know!!). I’ve never raised a child but boy am I lucky enough to get to teach kids. All of which, as I’m told by their parents every day, have the makings of the next big thing.

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[Deleted user]

I will do my best.

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The Firelight Creative

I am a parent and a writer...tell me more!

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Kerri Williams

Can I have the participation trophy please!? I’m a Mum of three tiny humans who is fuelled by coffee and/or wine depending on the time of day...! It’s said that there is no manual for parenting... so let’s write it!

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Mediagate Consulting Pty Ltd - John Gates

Hi, Kate, Father of five, right across the age spectrum - the first four were boys, then we got our bubba, who is now 14 going on 30 ... what an eye opener! - not to mention our other family, the 6 - 8 teenagers who invade our house every other weekend and eat our fridge! - just about to go through the driving lesson thing for the 3rd time in my life - you'd think I would know better ...anyway, if you want to send me a few sample paragraphs, I'll apply my magic touch and you can make up your own mind. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

However, my price and timing are an estimate, since you said you have "nutted out the content" ..does that mean you have actual prose, or just a chapter outline/ skeleton? Also happy to work on the basis of "up to $500 depending on what you think"

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Scott Harding

Andrew is a qualified content writer who is experienced enough to provide you with top-notch content prepared from scratch according to your requirements. As a parent and an expert Information Scientist, I know for sure how perfect project should look like. My main goal is to give you fantastic quality at the most affordable price. I am able to provide you with the best content on Parenting & formatting style, including APA, MLA, ASA, Havard, & Turabian/Chicago.

Within the past eight years, some of the companies I have worked for include Academic Experts, Uvocorp, Essaywriters, and Writerbay. In addition, I maintain my own website at Please, have a look at my portfolio to get a feel for my writing style. So if you assign me this project, you won’t be disappointed.

Why choose me? Working with me, you can be sure to get the following guarantees:

  1. Compliance with assignment instructions;
  2. Timely delivery with no delays;
  3. High-quality and original content;
  4. Profound editing and proofreading;
  5. Checking with the most accurate plagiarism detection software;
  6. Affordable prices;
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Edi Editing Services

I am an established professional writer and founder of Edi Editing Services based in Sydney. I have been involved in book editing for clients from all over the world. I have also been involved in Academic writing, corporate and private ghostwriting services.

I am willing to work on your Book with exceptional outcomes. Please visit my web for an overview of my skills.

Please be advised that my quote is an estimate and that no GST will be charged for this project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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RSoft Enterprises

I'm a parent of two healthy crazy mini nuclear powered robots (sorry lovely sweet children), and have two Adulty ones as well.

Depending on the subject matter I might have enjoyed (endured) and have experience about... but if not, then I'm sure I can get my robots to help me out with it

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Words to Sales

Hi Kate The 'Mother's Manual' is a book of fiction written by a man. My kids have never read it. Somehow, we've survived dozens of trips to hospital in the wee hours of the morning, falling off horses, being stood on by horses, 'flying' off the roof and growing up to become a racing driver and a helicopter pilot. Never a dull moment! Love to help you with your project but need more details about what you want to achieve and the hours involved. I'll base my quote on a 30,000 word book that you've written but would like help with editing and polishing, ready to publish. I can also help with marketing. Love to have a chat. Cheers

Dawn Richards

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Krystle Richardson

Hi Kate, your book sounds interesting. I'm a big fan of comedy (and anything that doesn't take itself too seriously), so would be happy to work on this with you. I've interviewed a number of comedians (including Jimmy Carr and Ross Noble) and have a dark sense of humour that's always lurking behind my words. As far as pricing goes, I have included the rate I start negotiations from. However, I believe in supporting artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses, so I always have a good chat with new clients to establish where they're at, what they can afford and what kind of payment plan will help them get their project off the ground. We then negotiate a price and plan that will allow them to have top quality work and killer content they can afford. I would love to chat with you more about this project and look forward to hearing back from you.

Estimated 20 hours
Leonie Hearn Copywriting

Hi Kate,

I'm an experienced writer, having been published in a number of anthologies and part of a large number of critique and editing groups I'm confident I have the skills you are looking for. I run a smaller number of writing groups via Facebook. I also am a mother of 3 so can identify with the topic (oh so very much)...

Please get in touch if you think we could work together...

Cheers, Leonie

Estimated 20 hours

I am the mother of three boys and a writer. This sounds like a great book idea. How many words have you written? Do you have images? Are you thinking a print or e book? Cheers nicky

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[Deleted user]

I am an experienced writer with considerable experience in working with children. I have worked in day care, after school care, high school and with troubled youth from 12-25 in behavioral change management settings. I have been a Youth Coach and Mentor and have absolutely seen children and parents at their worst and their best which has found me laughing heartily on many an occasion.

I have a wicked and hearty sense of humour and am comfortable in writing to deadlines. I am able to commence work immediately.

I have my own personal blog and if you would like a sample of my writing style please contact me directly via email or phone.

We've GOT THIS!!!

Thanks Together We Can Consulting

Estimated 30 hours
Viv Mitchell

Hi Kate,

How many words/pages do you anticipate the final book to be? And are you looking for editing, writing or both? Also: Are you self-publishing or are you looking to shop your project out to a publisher?



Cookie Communications

Are you looking for someone to refine the content or provide editing support? How many words/pages will the finished book be?

Chiron! the business doctor.â„¢

The questions asked by Viv & Cookie are very pertinent. We all need to know what you are providing by way of preliminary assistance, so we can estimate the actual workload we will be committing to. If you only have a table of contents and some snippets or a few dot points on each heading, that is one thing. If you have a first rough draft that simply needs expanding or embellishing, that is another. More details from you would be most helpful. I speak from experience. I have written and published an ebook of 150,000 words on a professional business subject, so I understand the workload implications.

Author Academy

Hi Kate, would love to have a chat with you to establish exactly what you would like to achieve with your book. Look forward to hearing from you

Have a wonderful day, Sue

K M Steele

Hello Kate, as Viv, Cookie and others have asked, is it possible to provide a word count and whether you require someone to write all of the content or refine some of yours. Cheers, Kate :)

A facebook post I wrote last week that went viral! Trust me, I am your writing sidekick!

ADMIN: please delete if not allowed/ or if comments are marginally unsupportive. :)

Seeking adult interactions in the form of paid employment PLEASE. (currently fluent in ABC kids, repeating myself and wondering what that smell is) (paid condition slightly negotiable if toilet breaks are uninterrupted and all peers are potty trained)

Below are a few talents I have personally obtained whilst lifeing especially for my future employer. (YOU)

Chef but average home cook. 22 RII's tickets enquire for full list, perfect if your looking for a loader operator in currimundi, caloundra or 5000km radius. Optimistic for a challenge, quiet learner, morphing into a confident perfectionist, humble team supporter, thrive with pending deadlines, loyal, one of a kind, reliable transport, respectful, driven for an opportunity to upskill and keen to start at the very bottom, blessed with children but not openly kid friendly, can pretend for $$$, sensational at that bang on phone voice, customer focused with sound face to face communication skills , talent for relating to all walks of life comfortably, networking only last week with, politicians one day and homeless another, valuing each equally. unavailable Thursdays for now, can find a power button on most electronics including computers, cirt 3 information technology dated 2004 so perfect towards the more vintage style offices(95?, xp!), ppe including steelcap boots and a court heel, will always pull my weight and not afraid to get my hands dirty, passionate, open to all opportunities currently available, looking for a hand up, not a hand out. I am compleatly ready for this chapter, looking forward to embracing it together, Please feel free to PM me for further information on a more serious note professionalism undoubtedly displayed within a workplace, saftey originated and clear focus of risk management.

Sincerely, Your future secret Santa Karyn